05 novembre 2007

Human Novice District task Place

We will guide you, from a monastery in North County began to flash rest of the town, and then south Stone Rumsfeld farms, logging again fought in the East Valley market, ultimately achieving Storm City, after the completion of a number of re - Tasks. I believe you can safely smooth soar to 10 to 12 before, the newcomers here at the same time to complete tasks, and open a number of small forest Aylwin secret ... North County forest monastery in the north Irvine A Department of the valley. wow gold Few enemies can reach this region, gurgling stream flows in quietly. From here adventurous journey from the monastery close to the people. Around that some Businessmen and their trio. (After the completion of various tasks, you may need to sell them things). In your birth, you will see the first NPC is standing outside the Victoria monastery Lane vice captain, he is to maintain law and order in a North County Warriors (his head with yellow Exclamation mark, which is representative of its mandate can give you). Victoria, I hope you and the law and order in the monastery of Makebulai De talk about - task: [crisis ]wow gold around you can enter the monastery to see him (he heads with yellow question mark, it represents where you can return his mandate), he would stand in the entrance So you will not see him. And Makebulaide talk about peacekeeping, has just completed vice captain to your task, and then tell you Makebulai larger North County in a lot of trouble recently, the first , He gave you a clear nugget people identify service; Although they are not very big threat, but also allowed them to commit all kinds of outrages impossible - task: [kill the nugget] ": To He no longer your letters to the tower entire eye. wow gold Accepting the assignment after going out monastery, turn right at the monastery were left to find Egan special Skinner. Although he hated wolves, but The wolf is very fond of eating dealership, I would like to give him his hope you find Langru to - task: [forest of seconds] on those wolves in the vicinity, it is very easy task to complete, you can. Before kill people nugget tasks and the completion of this task together.wow gold Wolves are mainly located in the west side of the monastery, and the nugget monastery in the northern part of the camp, the first to collect Langru, killing some After the number of wolf you can collect the eight Langru. Then enter nugget persons camps, such as the wolf nugget and not take the initiative to attack, although slightly higher grade inclusions of some people nugget Labor, but it will not cause you any threat. If individuals have completed its mission here, you can choose to team up with the completion of (the players choose Left, Right click on the top of the screen play goals Home Head choice to team up), if too many people so you may need some time to wait for people identify nugget reborn, and during this time you can play some labor nugget people pass time. In Eradication enough people criminals nugget, you can return to the monastery where recipients Egan and Makebulaide to you by the award (small yellow on the map that the location near to the return of mandates)

wow gold

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