05 novembre 2007

District-wide task Novice souls Regulator

When the spread of the plague in Luodanlun when Silva walked popular, used to be proud of Wizard Chivalric General, she now has become a Lich souls of the Queen, a new group of souls This birth. In order to resist natural disasters Corps and give her newborn Lich King, assembled a group of Silva has walked free will of the dead, and the Lich-combatants under. With her win achieved gradually Lee, and they occupied the Luodanlun Gutierrez law as a new base, these new souls known as the forgotten, and they should not only Lich Wang combat, and even tried to eradicate all the natural disasters Army Mission to the souls of the pollution of combatants. wow powerleveling Forgotten as the one you wake up from the graves over. You are not alone, your side has many natural disasters Legion detachment from the peer, you still Tribal allies - although this relationship is out of necessity rather than trust. When you set foot on stage, is the death knell of the town before. When leaving graves and administrators talked to more than Moore, he has a yellow flu Exclamation hanging in the head, that he has entrusted to you. wow powerleveling Recruits Aierleishi will give you tasks: [curse] destination behind many bats and wolves, to far more places can see No brains of a zombie and ugly zombie. [No brain zombie] is a kids tasks, you have to kill eight of the zombie brain and eight ugly zombie. [Curse] mandate is to collect, you have to collect 4 Fresh rot wolf clawed and four Night bat wings. Kids complete tasks to team up with faster. The collection tasks are suitable for a person to do. After the completion of the initial tasks, you will be receiving your occupational tasks. Each professional is the first task will be to lead them to their vocational training division side. Throughout, the Master and pastor churches across the trainer in the second building. After a pastor Chad New tasks for you ,wow power leveling Marla England call you killed her husband, Samuel, and his head buried in Marla England's memorial. Samuel on the north side in the death knell Zhendong, a roadside in the abandoned camps. Marla England's grave, the cemetery in the first row. Before you go in, and the Captains Regent Allen dialogue, the task will be: [Personal spider caves] this task so that a more in-depth death knell for your town. In [Night spider caves] before the completion of [fracture skeleton] and [defective] of the two tasks, swept over north-holes is very simple. [Personal spider caves] tasks along the road need to go very far, in the distant west. Night bat cave cub hiding in the bushes outside. In the cave you will find Night Spider. Night killed eight small spiders and spider six Night after returning to Louisiana pastor, the souls of the deceased guards harassed and Captains Regent Allen will give you some incentive. wow power leveling Archon Allen not only needs to complete your task: [blood Crusaders], he needs your followers and blood from blood collected 12 recruits on the blood Crusaders armbands, put them to the executive Allen.

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