05 novembre 2007

Steve Novice district-wide task Regulator

rs gold Steve was once a nomadic, living in Mulgore plains and mountains. It also lived inside the ancient shaman, and has great natural ability and De Ruyt soldiers and hunters. For the There are profiled, hunting is a recognized rights. It is through hunting the beast in the region, makes them become stronger. And they also learned from hunting a lot of experiences and lessons. Although subscribers to find a new home, but it is not very safe. wow power leveling Named, eagles are female monster, dwarves and thorns back wild boar (some beast and local) they are to face Opponents. Mulgore located in the vicinity of the multi-center Karim, infertile land in the west. Living in this land will have plain birds, mountain lions, fighting back wild boar pigs and thorns people. Plain and the birds will land is not the main mountain lion Fixed attacks. Your first encounter is the loan eagle wind. Once you read opening animation, you will find him on the stand in front of you, and you were the first task is also very simple. He Seeking help you land to the village to collect Plain feathers and bird meat. wow power leveling Tasks: Start hunting] in your task will be completed before this, two other tasks to be accomplished. A village is asking you toVocational training division, get some experience and recommendations simple, but its also well aware of their position, in order to learn from them after skills. Thereafter, the village leaders called on the Eagle Wind Chiefs, and get from him a mandate: [a trivial matter], his mother, fetching water but have not yet returned home. Wells in the south-east of the village not far. You can kill the surrounding plains Shun Road Bird Land Bank, the completion of the hunting task ahead.wow powerleveling Wells can be seen near the top of the hill. You need to talk with the chief's mother, fetching water can help her complete the task. When you collect landing Plain End Trip bird feathers, meat, and right click on wells placed next to the tank, we will be able to return to their villages, explain the tasks have been completed. Chiefs very glad that you helped his mother. At the same time he will give you tasks : [Mother earth] to the west and let you find gray tongue prophets. Akhmet Eagle Wind hope you can collect five mountain lion skin, to further prove your ability - task: [hunting continue] . South left the camp forward, you will see a small hill small tents and burning bonfire. Gray tongue prophets such as where you are. You need and tribal enemies, the enemy is the thorn in the gill blade Canyon Wind chiefs there. When you collect End mountain lion skin, and to return to their camps to the loan after the hawk wind. He again to you a new task: [bucket of pig]. You kill others and fight back pigDou Dou pig head and some pig ribs, to the village youth stewed meat to eat. wow powerleveling Bravely wind plume and you wanted to talk about - task: [thorn bristles Emirates]. Gill back to the wild boar were brought villages Big trouble, he hoped you could entering the thorn edge canyon and killed thorn bristles chiefs, with his head back, the wind plume would you give generous rewards. In all the tasks after Chaodong walk in the canyon, You will discover bucket pigs, which are active attack, and careful selection of a cave road, in order to enter the canyon. Fighting pig very dangerous, you must be careful to meet them.

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