05 novembre 2007

District-wide task dark night Novice Regulator

Taidaxier (Elvish: the highest in the land) is a courageous spirit of a new home dark night, since Hyjal Campaign, the wizard of the dark night to change a lot of people. Because consumed all of the forces to strike Defeated Akemengde and drove them off combustion Corps, Nuodaxier (Elvish: the firmament of the crown) was again enveloped ... sort shortly after the end of the war, the dark night wizard to begin building the new homes Taidaxier . Those left behind to defend the lush forest guardian of the old trees have already gathered here to stop the burning remnants of the counterattack corps. Now, we should shake off the dark night Wizard painful past and prepare Writing a new chapter in their history. wow goldTaidaxier grew up in a seaside area Karim many great islands, but for "eternal life again" for the purpose of this selfish planted " The highest land, "Secretary of life has not been the Red Dragon Queen, and the copper-time charge of the King's blessing ... just a few years past, Taidaxier also began to be enveloped by the shadow of a Large here ... Plot of the disease, many forests and natural biological and plants are subject to the infection and corrosion. Wizard as a dark night, your duty is to find and destroy those evil source of the pollution, And the eradication of pollution and those who have been unable to rescue the biological. wow gold Aodaxier is your birth villages that are located in the northeast Taidaxier, you step by step from here on Your life path. You have this piece of land on the face of the majority are neutral, that is to say unless you take the initiative to attack them, otherwise they will not attack you first. In your place of birth To have a tall tree, you live inside the Vocational Training Division, businessmen, as well as Aodaxier leaders. When you kill spiders may be found at the north side of a map caves, where A large number of surface spider, I suggest you not anxious to get at this stage. World of Warcraft Gold Outside spider allow you to collect enough venom to go back and call it a day. In addition, in the hall before there is a woman not far from fine Ling Dilannie moonlight on a state's edge, she worried that the genie named Aiwolong recently did not come to visit her, would like to invite you to take a look at Aiwolong - task: [friend]. Aiwolong That Comb in the north west of caves, where a small canyon, you can find Aiwolong spider was the biggest evil to injury, soon died. As with the family how can you Refusing? Dilannie moonlight to return to towns and talk again, it is fortunate that she knew how to make antidote - task: [Aiwolong the antidote]. As for the natural antidote to the formula you To collect, bad demons on the small purple blue mushrooms can be, the northern edge of the pond can be achieved crescent moon lily, the pus mangrove spiders can easily be dealt with from the spider you get, So this is very simple. Remember those previous Jiershalan popular Mody ,World of Warcraft Gold in your completed [the forest spider poison capsule] mandate, he will give you an admission [mangrove Spider eggs] task , The tasks require you to get a sexy spider eggs in holes brought back.

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